Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hi everybody, this is a little Christmas present for you.  All the lesson summaries and links to the videos we watched in class and at home are on the right.  Below you have some extra homework for you to do over the holiday. I hope you like it! Please leave me some comments!

first Christmas present by Mike Harrison for eltpics
first Christmas present by Mike Harrison for eltpics

 Have a happy holiday!

A Christmas song

This is one of my favourite Christmas songs.  What's your favourite Christmas song?  It can be in English or Spanish or any other language! Can you find it on youtube and add a link in a comment?  Thank you!

 Note: there are some little mistakes in the lyrics (words of the song)! Gonna = going to, we use it for the future. We're gonna have a party (We're going to have a party) = haremos una fiesta

A digital Christmas story

This is a modern version of the Christmas story.  You can see it in English or in Spanish.
Here is the English version.  Watch this first.

And this is the version in Spanish. You can watch it after the English version and compare!  Please leave a comment in the comment box!