Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy Carnival!

Are you going to stay in Cádiz and enjoy the Carnaval craziness or are you going to go away?  I think we're going to do both things.  My children want to dress up in costumes and play with their friends in the old town. They want to see the procession (cabalgata) on Sunday, but I want to go out to the country and enjoy the sun!  
Whatever you do,  I hope you have a great long weekend!  

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

at a restaurant

Do you like Mr Bean?  Here is a short scene from a Mr Bean programme. He is in a restaurant in France, but he doesn't speak French!  Watch the scene.  Imagine the waiter and Mr Bean have a conversation in English. Write their conversation. Please send me the conversation in an email. If you want you can write your reaction to the video clip in the comments.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

a mini presentation

Hi!  Here's an example of a mini presentation.  Click on play to listen to a short description of the photo. If you want to use photos for your presentation on Monday you can send them to me by email. Or add them here, on the blog.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

a good restaurant

I have a friend who has a restaurant in the old town. It's on Calle Sopranis. Its name is La Rayuela.  The chef is Colombian. He worked in London before he came to Cádiz. The food in his restaurant is interesting. It comes from all over Latin America. He serves Argentinian beef, Colombian rice and beans and my favourite dish is the ceviche - from Peru, Chile and Ecuador. The restaurant has a small terrace outside if you want to eat in the sun.  Or you can eat inside if you prefer.  It's a very friendly restaurant. I really recommend it!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy new year!


In  our last lesson we talked about our Christmas holidays. Here's my story.

We went to the UK for ten days.  First we went to stay with my mother in Wales. It was cold but sunny and we went for a walk on the beach.  It's very different from the beaches in Cádiz!  And the light is very different too!

We stayed with my mum until December 26th.  We had Christmas lunch with my brothers. On December 26th we went to Yorkshire to see my partner's family.  We stayed with his brother and we visited friends and family.  It was good to see everybody.

On Dec 30th we came back to Spain.  We had a quiet night on Dec 31st. My daughter made paella (she followed the instructions on youtube for Paella Perfecta!)  and at 12 o'clock we all ate 12 grapes - of course!

On January 5th we didn't watch the Kings' Parade.  We went to Caños de Meca and we went for a walk in the Brena woods.  It was a beautiful evening. I love sunsets on the Costa de la Luz!

How was you holiday?  José Antonio, Toñi, do you have any stories to tell? 
Please leave a comment (click on the "comment" link below).  
Thank you! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hi everybody, this is a little Christmas present for you.  All the lesson summaries and links to the videos we watched in class and at home are on the right.  Below you have some extra homework for you to do over the holiday. I hope you like it! Please leave me some comments!

first Christmas present by Mike Harrison for eltpics
first Christmas present by Mike Harrison for eltpics

 Have a happy holiday!

A Christmas song

This is one of my favourite Christmas songs.  What's your favourite Christmas song?  It can be in English or Spanish or any other language! Can you find it on youtube and add a link in a comment?  Thank you!

 Note: there are some little mistakes in the lyrics (words of the song)! Gonna = going to, we use it for the future. We're gonna have a party (We're going to have a party) = haremos una fiesta